Thursday, August 11, 2011

Harmony Beverage goes solar

Harmony Beverage in Blakeslee on Route 940 is a great place to pick up cases of adult beverages and the freshest fresh-roasted peanuts. And now it's all powered by the sun!

Sun Keeps Beer Cold - WNEP

From the linked article:

"Harmony Beverage's electric bill averaged anywhere from, in the softer months, from $1,200 per month, to say July and August when we use a lot of power, air conditioning, refrigeration, up to around $2,400 per month. That electric bill is gone. We have no more electric bill," said John McElroy of Harmony Beverage.

On an acre and a half behind harmony beverage, there are more than 360 solar panels, producing on average 450 kilowatt hours of power per day, even on cloudy days.

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