Thursday, August 11, 2011

Harmony Beverage goes solar

Harmony Beverage in Blakeslee on Route 940 is a great place to pick up cases of adult beverages and the freshest fresh-roasted peanuts. And now it's all powered by the sun!

Sun Keeps Beer Cold - WNEP

From the linked article:

"Harmony Beverage's electric bill averaged anywhere from, in the softer months, from $1,200 per month, to say July and August when we use a lot of power, air conditioning, refrigeration, up to around $2,400 per month. That electric bill is gone. We have no more electric bill," said John McElroy of Harmony Beverage.

On an acre and a half behind harmony beverage, there are more than 360 solar panels, producing on average 450 kilowatt hours of power per day, even on cloudy days.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bad news for the future of clean energy in Pennsylvania under Tom Corbett

Among the cuts and changes: "Forbidding executive agencies to enter into contracts for green power in the next fiscal year. At the dawn of 2011, Pennsylvania was buying 50 percent of its energy from renewable sources, making our state a national leader in the development of the clean energy economy. This abrupt change sends a powerful signal to renewable energy companies that Pennsylvania’s leadership is not interested in renewable energy."

Read all about this disturbing change of direction here:

Penn Future - Press Releases - Citizens for Pennsylvania's Future: Working to Protect Pennsylvania's Environment and Economy