Thursday, May 19, 2011

Solar in Northeastern Pennsylvania

Sun pillar at sunrise, Nanticoke

Alternative energy is the way of the future - and today!  Solar energy is at the forefront of alternative energy.  Many people are surprised to learn that Northeastern Pennsylvania provides an excellent climate for generating electricity from solar energy.  In fact, the degree of solar energy available is comparable in many ways to Germany, the nation that leads the world in conversion of solar energy to electricity.  (This should come as no surprise in either case: Both regions are covered in organic solar energy converters - trees - and have deposits of coal that represent solar energy stored in the past by vegetation.)

NEPA Solar, aka Solar in Northeastern Pennsylvania, will strive to be a central resource for individuals seeking information about solar energy, solar panel purchase and installation, and the economic benefits of solar energy.


  1. Don't forget that you can call your local Home Depot and ask for Home Services. The offer free solar energy seminars at least once per month at every store

  2. Federal and State tax credit info/updates would be useful.

  3. Thanks! I'm working on that. I just found some nice state and local links. I've got to work out a way to make everything neatly accessible.